Crypto Stamp 2.0

Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 Partnership. News. Competition.

Presentation video: @Visual Production

Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 comes in 10 different designs. Each design is made up of a postage stamp and its digital NFT counterpart.

The NFTs are accessed via a cryptographic key and stored in the blockchain. The unit price for a crypto stamp is 9 francs.

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Partnership with the Locarno Film Festival

Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 is based on a collaboration with Switzerland’s biggest film festival.

The NFTs were created by ten up-and-coming Swiss directors and are short video clips rather than images.

Valentin Merz, Samuel Patthey, Elie Grappe, Klaudia Reynicke, Maya Kosa and Sergio da Costa, Denise Fernandes, Cyril Schaüblin, Nora Longatti, Yan Hirschbühl and Elene Naveriani have created their interpretation of Switzerland.

The NFTs represent ten symbols of modern Switzerland from their perspectives. These symbols include social cohesion, integration, ecological awareness and time.

The themes selected are featured on the physical postage stamps designed by the illustrator Corina Vögele.

Sales and prize draw

Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 will go on sale at 7.30 a.m. on 8 August 2022.

Anyone who buys Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 can enter a prize draw to win an 11th NFT, of which just 50 copies exist.

Discover the 11th NFT to be won

Here are the 10 Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 designs

Sales begin at 7.30 a.m. on 8 August 2022.