Nora Longatti

Nora Longatti x INES Print run: 25,000
Token ID: 8

Symbol: “For all who are here and all who are yet to come”

For the Crypto Stamp 2.0 project carried out in collaboration between Swiss Post and the Locarno Film Festival, Nora Longatti and the Institute New Switzerland (INES) created the NFT accompanying the stamp that bears their names. Their video clip represents an interpretation of a symbol of modern Switzerland.

For Nora, this assignment raised political questions about the nation-building aspect of the framework for postage stamps. Nora was looking for imagery that is closer to the life of the people who actually inhabit this space called “Switzerland”.

In the film, which was created in close collaboration with INES, we see a staged everyday situation. People who share the same piece of ground are trying to live amongst each other – going to work, for a walk, on a lunchbreak with colleagues, etc. The gaze back towards the viewer at the end of the clip can be understood as resistance towards judgement and prejudice, as a gentle reminder or inspiration to stay in contact with your surroundings. The “New Switzerland”, for all who are here and all who are yet to come.

This theme is reflected in the physical stamp designed by illustrator Corina Vögele.

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