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Understanding crypto stamps

How does the Swiss Crypto Stamp work?

  1. Scan the QR code in the white field or look up your token ID under “My Stamp” and find out more about your stamp.
  2. Digital use only: Rub off the silvery field on the right, scan the QR code or type in the password under “Wallet” and transfer your stamp to the digital world.
  3. Collect, exchange, trade - the choice is yours.
What is a Swiss Crypto Stamp?
What is an NFT?
What's special about the ERC1155 standard?
How is the Swiss Crypto Stamp structured?
What is the exact breakdown of the digital versions of the Swiss Crypto Stamp and what do they look like?
Why is Swiss Post issuing a crypto stamp?

Purchasing crypto stamps

When and where can I buy the Swiss Crypto Stamp?
Why are no advance purchases permitted?
How much does the Swiss Crypto Stamp cost?
Is there a purchase limit to the Swiss Crypto Stamp?
What data is processed by Swiss Post in the event of a physical purchase?
As a customer, what kind of risks do I run when purchasing the Swiss Crypto Stamp?
Can I exchange or return the Swiss Crypto Stamp?
Is there a first-day cover and a first-day cancellation?

Trading crypto stamps

I don't have a QR scanner on my mobile phone. Can I still view the digital image of my Swiss Crypto Stamp?
Do I need a digital wallet?
How much does it cost to transfer from the paper wallet to the digital wallet?
How can I obtain MATIC or top up the digital wallet?
How do I get a digital wallet and which wallets work for the Swiss Crypto Stamp?
How can transaction errors occur?
As a customer, what kind of risks do I run when purchasing the Swiss Crypto Stamp with regards to the NFT?
What is a smart contract
What's special about Polygon?