Elene Naveriani

Elene Naveriani Print run: 25,000
Token ID: 10

Symbol: In tune with the world

Elene Naveriani is a director from Georgia who lives in Switzerland. Elene views Switzerland as a place where it is possible to live in peace and pursue an artistic career. Elene appreciates Switzerland’s neutrality but worries that this could easily turn into a sort of indifference towards the rest of the world.

For the Crypto Stamp 2.0 project carried out in collaboration between Swiss Post and the Locarno Film Festival, Elene Naveriani created the NFT accompanying the stamp that bears their name. The video clip represents Elene’s interpretation of a symbol of modern Switzerland.

The film shows water undulating to the rhythm of its ripples.

The “Elene Naveriani” crypto stamp symbolizes Elene’s hopes for the future of Switzerland: connected harmony. The undulating water symbolizes a country that responds to what’s happening in the world and is in tune with the rest of the planet.

This theme is reflected in the physical stamp designed by illustrator Corina Vögele.