Elie Grappe

Elie Grappe Print run: 25,000
Token ID: 3

Symbol: Inspiring courage in younger generations

Director Elie Grappe made the film “Olga” with a young Swiss-Ukrainian athlete. It was shown in Cannes and chosen to represent Switzerland at the Oscars.

By the time the film was screened, the athlete had returned to the city of Kharkiv in Ukraine, where she hid in a basement to escape the bombings. The film-maker contacted her and suggested filming her in her hideout.

For the Crypto Stamp 2.0 project carried out in collaboration between Swiss Post and the Locarno Film Festival, Elie Grappe created the NFT accompanying the stamp that bears his name. His video clip represents his interpretation of a symbol of modern Switzerland.

The production shows an acrobatic routine performed in a basement. Despite the violence of the situation, the athlete performs a pirouette. Through her body, she expresses her strength and desire for freedom.

The “Elie Grappe” crypto stamp symbolizes its creator’s hopes for the future of Switzerland: a display of courage that he would like to share with the younger generation.

This theme is reflected in the physical stamp designed by illustrator Corina Vögele.

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