Denise Fernandes

Denise Fernandes Print run: 25,000
Token ID: 6

Symbol: Harmony in diversity

For the Crypto Stamp 2.0 project carried out in collaboration between Swiss Post and the Locarno Film Festival, Denise Fernandes created the NFT accompanying the stamp that bears her name. Her video clip represents her interpretation of a symbol of a modern Switzerland.

Denise Fernandes has composed an image with the hands of a black woman surrounded by different types of flowers which subtly accentuate the presence of diversity in Switzerland.

The “Denise Fernandes” crypto stamp symbolizes its creator’s hopes for present and future of Switzerland: a country that acknowledges in its representation, the diversity of ethnicities, nationalities, cultures and communities that live in it.

This theme is reflected in the physical stamp designed by illustrator Corina Vögele.

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