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The Pilatus is not a mountain with a closed summit structure, but rather a massif made up of multiple peaks. It is located on the borders between the Cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden and Obwalden. Its highest point is the Tomlishorn, at an altitude of 2,128 metres above sea level. Lucerne’s very own mountain, which boasts magnificent views, is home to the Pilatus Kulm mountain station on the Pilatus railway, complete with a viewing terrace, a panorama gallery and two mountain hotels. In the past, the Pilatus was not the celebrated local mountain for the people of Lucerne that it is today, but rather a gloomy place plagued by treacherous storms and waterfalls that tumbled down towards the city. It became known for dragons and vermin, witches and wizards, but was also home to decent mountain folk who were kind to the locals and protected the chamois, but also punished the wicked and cruel.

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