The value of the new crypto stamps

The value of the new crypto stamps 04.04.2023

Stamp Walter

The price of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 collection is made up of several components. The sheer enjoyment of collecting is one of them.

The new Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 goes on sale on 2 May 2023. There are 13 versions with NFTs and one without. We are publishing the prices of the new crypto stamps in stages up until 2 May.

The price comprises the physical stamp’s face value and a price for the digital collectible. This is based on the number of copies printed and its rarity. This makes the crypto stamps attractive to all different kinds of collectors: experienced and less experienced people who love stamps, philately and art, in both physical and digital format.

  • The face value of the physical stamps is 9 francs for all versions of the new Swiss Crypto Stamp.
  • The miniature sheet contains contains all details necessary for accessing the stamp’s digital counterpart (NFT).
  • The Swiss Crypto Stamp’s value is based on the rarity of the digital collectible. And later, when it is traded, on demand.
  • The sheer enjoyment factor is included. The new collection is a great way for anyone who loves crypto stamps to enter a new, fascinating world of philately.

Sign of the times

The Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 comes in 14 different versions: the collection provides many ways for easily exploring the world of digital collectibles. 
Technically speaking, the digital component of a crypto stamp is called a non-fungible token (NFT), but on an emotional level it’s a new collecting experience with many ultra-modern options. In addition to the traditional way of trading stamps, items can be collected and exchanged via your own digital wallet. Find out more about that later here in the blog.

How are these price adjustments determined? The most obvious factor is demand. The greater the demand and the rarer the stamp, the more the price rises. Experience shows that more common items also change hands at varying prices, for example if millions of people suddenly fall in love with Walter and his pack and want to collect the corresponding stamps.

The experience of collecting is priceless in itself. The Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 is a symbol of the upheaval in technology on which our modern society and economy are based. The first successful AI systems for wide-ranging applications are currently a huge topic of debate about our future. There will be more on the topic here soon in the Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 blog.