Piz Bernina

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Sewing machines, sports shops and even a railway line: they all bear its name. But, at 4,049 metres above sea level, it is the Piz Bernina alone the bears the crown – a mountain that could even lay claim to the title of the “Mount Everest of the Engadin”. After all, this is the only 4,000-metre-high mountain in the Eastern Alps. For a long time, it was considered unscalable – until 1850, when the Swiss forestry engineer, mountain topographer and Graubünden local Johann Wilhelm Fortunat Coaz became the first person to reach the main summit. Piz Bernina actually has three summits, which are scarcely distinguishable from one another. Alongside the main summit, there is the southern summit – the 4,020-metre-high Spalla, where the land border between Switzerland and Italy runs. Meanwhile, the northern summit – the 3,995-metre-high Piz Bianco – is renowned for boasting the most beautiful ice ridge in the Alps: the infamous Biancograt.