10 things to know about the new Crypto Stamp 2.0 collection

10 things to know about the new Crypto Stamp 2.0 collection 12.07.2022

The long-awaited follow-on to the crypto stamp will be released this summer. Issue date, key information, what’s new in 2022: everything you need to know about Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0.

10 designs

The Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 collection comprises 10 designs. In each case, a physical stamp is accompanied by its digital NFT (non-fungible token) counterpart.

9 francs

Each physical stamp and its accompanying NFT are sold for CHF 9. There are 25,000 copies per design in the Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 collection, or a total of 250,000 copies.

Available for sale on 8 August

If there’s a date to remember, it’s 8 August 2022. Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 will go on sale at 7.30 a.m. Swiss time. The stamps will be available at postshop.chTarget not accessible and at selected Swiss Post branches.

7th art

Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0, produced in conjunction with the Locarno Film Festival, is dedicated to Switzerland and film. The producers have designed the NFT digital counterparts to the physical stamps in the form of short video clips. A first!

NFTs to be unveiled on 6 August

Swiss Post CEO Roberto Cirillo will be present at the Piazza Grande on 6 August. He will reveal all the NFT video clips available in Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 on stage at the Locarno International Film Festival.

5(0) bonus NFTs to be won

Anyone who buys Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 can enter a prize draw to win an 11th NFT, of which only 50 copies exist. The contents of the bonus NFT will also be unveiled on 6 August.

4 uses

Collect, exchange, trade, send: these are the four ways you can use the crypto stamp you purchase on 8 August.

Gymnastics for design no. 3

The third design in Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 is all about gymnastics. The physical stamp depicts a gymnast performing a balancing act in front of two amazed spectators. The theme was chosen by film producer Elie Grappe. His NFT video clip and the reason behind his choice will be revealed on 6 August.

Stamps 2.0

Swiss Post is strengthening the ties between philately and the world of digital and blockchain technologies. After the success of version 1.0, version 2.0 innovates with the production of video clips as NFTs. A world first in the field of crypto stamps!

1 larger picture

When placed together, the ten Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 designs form a delightful larger picture. What messages does it convey? A little more patience... the mystery will be unveiled on 6 August.