Fido Token ID: 7
Print run: 2,500
Price: CHF 49.00

Fido is very old. He is named after the dog owned by Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. President Lincoln called his stray mixed-breed dog Fido, which comes from Latin and means “trusting”. Semper fidelis! The name Fido is hardly given to individual dogs these days – it’s usually seen as a synonym for all dogs. Another name, the Molossus, is used for the ancestor of all St Bernards.

In cynology, this is a generic term for very large, muscular dogs. Their name comes from the time of the Molossians, an ancient people who lived in the south-west of the Balkan Peninsula and owned large, powerful and even ferocious herding dogs.

The new crypto stamp with the token ID 7 is called Fido. It depicts the trustworthiness and loyalty of St Bernards.