Emmy Token ID: 2
Print run: 45,000
Price: CHF 12.00

Emmy is calm and level-headed. She surveys her surroundings carefully, a characteristic that would probably have helped her in earlier times when searching for missing persons in the mountains. In those days, St Bernards had short hair – more practical in the deep snow of the Alps.

They were always large. Females are slightly smaller than males at 65 to 80 cm. But they quickly reach a body weight of 80-90 kilogrammes. The normal life expectancy for St Bernards is nine years. Giulietta Alpina from Oberbüren SG became famous last year by reaching the age of 15 – the equivalent of 108 in human years.

The new crypto stamp with the token ID 2 is called Emma. It portrays the power and strength of female St Bernards.