Aia Token ID: 13
Print run: 50
Price: CHF 999.00

Aia’s owner is the developer of an artificial intelligence app. She took Aia’s name from the term “artificial intelligence”. AI-a. Perhaps one of her chatbots will be called Aia in honour of the intelligence of St. Bernards.

Aia enjoys rare moments of frivolity on walks with her owner, when she has to clear her head. The St. Bernards of the Barry foundation in Martigny go on walks every day, some of them even on the Great St. Bernard Pass while on holiday in summer. The foundation took over the breeding of the dogs in 2005 because the canons of the hospice were struggling to ensure both animal-friendly breeding and hospitality. 

The new crypto stamp with the token ID 13 is called Aia. It represents the past and future of the St. Bernard.