Säntis Print run: 18,000
Token ID: 4

Located in the Canton of Appenzell, the Säntis can be found in one of the most stunning nature reserves in Europe. Provided the visibility is good, the 2,502-metre-high peak boasts an unobstructed view over six countries: Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and the Swiss Alps. What’s more, the Säntis is a mountain that is full of weather superlatives: this is not only where the largest quantity of snow falls in Switzerland, it is also the wettest part of the country. The Säntis also sees the most lightning. In addition, no other mountain station has gathered data for as long a time as one at the Säntis. The summit, however, is actually quite easy to reach thanks to the cable car that was erected back in 1935.

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