Dent Blanche

Dent Blanche Print run: 45,000
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The 4,357-metre high Dent Blanche is a prominent free-standing pyramid located at the end of the Matter Valley, ten kilometres west of Zermatt. With its distinctive shape, it makes a very good neighbour for the Matterhorn. Four airy, long ridges stretch out in all four main points of the compass. The first time the summit was climbed was via the southern ridge – the Wandfluegrat – on 18 July 1862. It was only in 1966 that the northern ridge was climbed for the first time, a feat that is still considered one of the most dangerous undertakings in Valais. The Dent Blanche is, in general, one of the toughest 4,000-metre climbs in the Alps. Incidentally, the language divide between French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland runs precisely along the summit of the Dent Blanche.

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