Swiss Crypto Stamp

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What is a crypto stamp?

The crypto stamp consists of two parts. It is a physical stamp with a matching digital copy − a kind of digital twin. This digital copy of the Swiss Crypto Stamp shows one of 13 possible designs, is stored in a blockchain and can be collected, exchanged and traded online.

Collect, exchange, trade: a digital collector’s item

The digital crypto stamps come in 13 different designs. Some are more common, while others are much rarer and therefore more coveted. For comparison: there are 65,000 copies of the most common design, and just 50 of the rarest! So one thing is clear: the Swiss Crypto Stamp means collecting, exchanging and trading stamps has gone digital.

The Swiss Crypto Stamp will come out on 25 November 2021, will be limited to 175,000 copies and will be available at and in selected Swiss Post branches.

Off to the moon! This is Switzerland’s first crypto stamp. (symbolic image)

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