Swiss Crypto Stamp

Marmi discovers Switzerland

The Swiss Crypto Stamp 4.0 is available in the four following editions: Basic Edition, Special Edition, Wallpaper Edition and Unique Edition.

The Basic Edition consists of 24 different versions in a limited edition of 7,500 copies each and costs CHF 9.90.

The Special Edition of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 4.0 consists of six different versions. The issue ranges from 50 to 1000 copies at different prices.

You can now combine the NFTs of the Basic and Special Editions with a wallpaper. The Wallpaper Edition ;of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 4.0 consists of 12 different versions in a limited issue of 1500 copies each and will be sold at a price of CHF 19.90.

We’re holding an exclusive auction as a special event again this year. More details on the Unique Edition will be revealed at a later date.

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Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0

Stamp Walter

The Swiss Crypto Stamp 3.0 has been available since 2 May 2023 at 7.30 a.m. The rare versions of Walter and his St. Bernard pack are already sold out. The versions still currently available can be ordered on and in the branches.

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